Optical and Electro-Mechanical Devices Group [National Leading Research Laboratory]

1)“Designing whispering gallery modes via transformation optics,” is published in Nature Photonics (September 2016).

2)“Graphene-ferroelectric metadevices for nonvolatile memory and reconfigurable logic-gate operations,” is published in Nature Communications (January 2016).

3)“Photoinduced Nonlinear Mixing of Terahertz Dipole Resonances in Graphene Metadevices,” is published in Advanced Materials (December 2015).

4) 석/박사과정 학생 및 박사후 연구원을 모집합니다. 메타물질이나 광역학에 관심이 있는 연구원들의 지원을 바랍니다. 전공은 기계공학, 물리, 전자, 재료, 수학 등 다양한 분야의 연구원들의 지원을 장려합니다.

5) 개별연구/URP에 관심이 있는 학부생을 모집합니다.

Our group focuses on the physics and engineering of light on a mesoscopic-scale ranging from tens of microns down to tens of nanometers. In this regime, myriads of fascinating optical phenomena can be explored both theoretically and experimentally. Current research topics include:

Metamaterials - Pursuing novel artificial functionalities at optical frequency that are achievable only with metamaterials with the help of nano/micro-scale fabrication

Optomechanics - Radiation-pressure-induced regenerative mechanical amplification or cooling of an optomechanical micro- or nanoresonators and the related physical phenomena

mechanical modes of fishbone cavity
graphene active metamaterial graphene active metamaterial flexible metamaterial tapered fiber curving
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